Passione Band

The UK's leading traditional Italian band.

Passione Band are a very unique 10 piece traditional Italian band who mix Italian folk with contemporary English and Italian music to give you the best mix of musical genres for your special occasion. This is done by mixing some of the finest Italian and English musicians from around the UK to make 2 bands into 1, so to speak!

Wedding prices start at £400!

As a solo act during the wedding breakfast, prices start at £400, depending on distance (travel costs below). Please check out our short YouTube video for a glimpse of the solo act in action.

If you'd like us as a band instead of a solo act, the minimum size band is 3 musicians starting at £1200 which covers approx 8hrs of music entertainment and also includes a DJ service.

The picture above outlines what musicians are available. The musicians in RED make up the core of the band and are mandatory.
They are:

  • Keyboardist/Italian Vocalist (Band Leader)

  • Rhythm Guitarist/Italian Backing Vocalist

  • Drummer

The musicians in BLUE & GREEN are extra musicians you may choose from to further enhance the Passione Band experience. GREEN are priced at £400 and BLUE are priced at £550.

  • Lead Guitarist (GREEN)

  • Mandolinist (GREEN)

  • Accordionist (GREEN)

  • Bassist (GREEN)

  • Saxophonist (GREEN)

  • Male English Vocalist (BLUE)

  • Female English Vocalist (BLUE)

Other Events

We can provide music for any occasion imaginable, not just weddings! Birthdays, christenings, anniversaries...anything! NON-wedding prices start from £350 for 1 musician and any additional musician will be priced at £300. Performances will be broken down into sets of 45 minutes of live music with a minimum of 15 minute breaks in between each set. Most occasions run for around 4hrs and although we can only perform live music for up to 4hrs, we're more than happy to DJ for up to an extra 2hrs free of charge!

Travel Costs

0-25 mile round trip from Central London - No extra charge per musician
26-75 mile round trip from Central London - £50 per musician
76-125 mile round trip from Central London - £75 per musician
126 or more mile round trip from Central London, Inc Europe - £100 per musician, plus possible accommodation expenses depending on distance

Passione Band, the best traditional Italian band in the UK!