Passione Band

The UK's leading traditional Italian band.

Passione Band are a very unique 10 piece traditional Italian band who mix Italian folk with contemporary English and Italian music to give you the best mix of musical genres for your special occasion. This is done by mixing some of the finest Italian and English musicians from around the UK to make 2 bands into 1, so to speak!

Passione Band  was created with 3 important aspects in mind. Diversity, Flexibility and a Passion for Italian Tradition!

During Passione Band’s inception there were thoughts about ways to make their services available to all and not just people with a huge budget. This is where flexibility comes into play. Why create a huge band that hardly anyone can afford? Instead, a modular band has been created that you can tailor make to suit your own budget and taste. So whether you’d like to hire Passione as a 3-piece band or up to a 10-piece band, they can help. You can even choose the musicians you’d like performing on your special day when choosing a 4-piece band or larger*.

When it comes to tradition, they're unrivalled! With the band leader being Sicilian himself, they know how important it is for Italian families to be able to feel like they’re not so far away from home after all.

Passione Band specializes in performing traditional Italian and Sicilian music and although there are still a few Italian bands out there, they will guarantee their quality and repertoire cannot be rivalled! Just listen to their demos and hopefully you’ll agree.

Now we mustn't forget that we all live in the UK and some of your guests will probably be English, not to mention yourselves that were probably born and raised in the UK. This is where diversity comes in. Not only can they perform gorgeous traditional Italian music but timeless English and Italian contemporary music too. The likes of Michael Bublè, The Rat Pack, Whitney Houston and Eros Ramazzotti to name a few. They even provide a fully professional DJ service absolutely free of charge with any wedding booking!

What this ultimately means to you is up to 8 HOURS of pure entertainment completely tailored to your wedding day and no need to book different bands and DJs to cover any gaps.

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*the first 3 musicians are mandatory and cannot be changed. Any extra musicians are chosen by you.

Passione Band, the best traditional Italian band in the UK!